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Crosby 'knew' he would make hockey history
29.12.2003. MacKinnon, John. National Post

 HELSINKI - Sidney Crosby made history yesterday; making an impact will have to come a little later.

Don't bet against that happening, either.

Crosby, 16, became the youngest Canadian to score a goal at the world junior hockey championship in Canada's 7-2 win over Switzerland yesterday, carrying the puck down the right side, skipping past a diving defenceman, cutting sharply toward the net and roofing a wrist shot past Swiss goalie Daniel Manzato with 14 seconds left in the game.

"I knew it was going to come," said Crosby, trying his best to be nonchalant, but clearly relieved to have broken a bit of a goal- scoring drought. "I mean, there have been games where I haven't scored before ... Sometimes when you get one, two and three come nice and fast.

"But I'm not worried about goals at all. All I can do is make things happen. If I'm working hard, trying to make things happen, then putting the puck in the net and helping our team is going to take care of itself."

Team Canada publicist Andre Brin grabbed the puck for posterity, just in case the Hockey Hall of Fame wants to display it.

For the record, Eric Lindros scored four goals for Canada at the 1990 World Juniors, but at 16 years 10 months, he was six months older than Crosby, the Quebec junior league scoring leader, is now.

"I thought it was real important [for him to score]," said Team Canada assistant coach Dean Chynoweth. "You could see with his body language.

"He's a had a bunch of chances in both games and he's scorer, he's a playmaker and when those things don't happen, you tend to get a little frustrated."

Counting two exhibition games during the selection camp, pre- tournament games against Sweden and Austria and the tournament opener against Finland, Crosby had gone five games without a goal.

He had scored twice for Rimouski, his club team, in the last game he played for them before heading to Team Canada's training camp.

"To get that first one after all those chances, you're relieved because you worked so hard to get those chances," Crosby said. "But going into games, I'm not thinking about goals I'm going to get, or if they're going to go in today."

If Crosby was doing his best to seem casual about the mini- slump, Chynoweth wasn't disguising his elation for his young star.

"It was beautiful --a weight off his back," Chynoweth said. "It was a beautiful goal, highlight reel."

The Swiss seemed determined to keep Crosby off the highlight reels, trying not to give him much time or space when he had the puck and putting the body on him to disrupt his rushes.

Still, Crosby, who has improved daily since the start of Canada's selection camp, fought through the checks and generated a handful of chances during the game.

"There's been a lot of hype surrounding him and when you get that kind of coverage and you do your pre-game meeting, I know as a coach, you highlight certain guys on other teams, you make your players aware of him and I would be very surprised if they didn't have his name circled on the board," Chynoweth said.

"You want to have those [chances] and put those in in the big games," Crosby said of his goal. "It's the seventh goal, but you want to have that confidence when it's a 2-2 game."

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