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03.01.2004. Канада - Чехия 7:1 (2:1, 1:0, 4:0)
1:0 - Дэвис (Коберн), 1:23
2:0 - Пэйлле (Брент, Джорджес), 11:23
2:1 - Немец (Каспар, Шмид), 19:11 в большинстве
3:1 - Картер (Берне, Кросби), 26:03 в большинстве
4:1 - Картер, 40:43 в меньшинстве
5:1 - Ричардc (Дэвис), 48:47
6:1 - Гецлаф (Берне), 52:21
7:1 - Коберн (Кросби, Тамбеллини), 53:29 в большинстве
Вратари: Флери - Шварц (Попперле, 49:29).
Броски: 34 - 16 . Штраф: 35 - 10 .

Без особого труда канадская команда во второй раз на турнире обыграла чехов и в третий год подряд вышла в финал чемпионата. “Канада была намного сильнее нас и они (канадцы) заслуживают победы на турнире,” - заявил нападающий сборной Чехии и “Детройт Рэд Уинз” Юрий Худлер, забросивший в этом матче свою вторую шайбу. . . 16-летний форвард Канады Сидни Кросби сделал две результативные передачи.

Ottawa Citisen:  It's 2004 and hockey is a global sport, but the crossroads between the Canadian game and just about everybody else is still the point where Dion Phaneuf's left shoulder violently met the chin of Rostislav Olesz yesterday.
Team Canada met the Czech Republic at that intersection in the semifinals of the World Junior Hockey Championship and flattened Olesz and his teammates 7-1 to advance to Monday's gold-medal final, where they'll play Team USA, who edged a gritty Team Finland 2-1 in the other semifinal.
It's Canada's third straight appearance in the final game of a championship they have not won since they completed a string of five straight gold medals in 1997. Since then Canada has won three silver medals and two bronze. Yesterday's victory typified Canada's performance in this tournament in which they have cruised to a 5-0 won-lost record and outscored the opposition 32-5. It also starkly illustrated that speed and talent are wonderful assets -- and Canada is loaded with both -- but when combined with the relentless and tactical application of physical force, a skilled team can be all but unbeatable. Particularly when playing a team that obviously has no stomach for physical play. It was 3-1 for Canada on goals by Nigel Dawes, Daniel Paille and the first of Jeff Carter's two when Phaneuf, a disciple of hardrock NHL defenceman Scott Stevens, caught Olesz with his head down at the top of the left faceoff circle and levelled him. Olesz hit the ice hard, got up, skated to the Czech bench and collapsed beside the boards. He was taken from the ice on a stretcher.
Phaneuf, originally given a two-minute elbowing penalty was upgraded -- or downgraded, depending on one's point of view -- to a five-minute major and a game misconduct.
There were fears, initially, of a suspension, but following a video review by referee Thomas Andersson of Sweden, Phaneuf received no further discipline.
Phaneuf, like Stevens, is building a reputation for punishing open-ice hits. He hammered Edmonton Oilers prospect Marc-Antoine Pouliot with a similar hit at the Canadian Hockey League Prospects game last year and has been known to clobber teammates with body checks in practice.
This Phaneuf hit was notable for the damage it caused the unlucky Olesz -- he was taken to hospital to be tested for a concussion -- but it was standard operating procedure for Canada, which hit the Czechs early and often and kept on hitting them, despite a festival of dives and play-acting to draw penalties that irritated most of those at the Helsinki Ice Arena, including the astute Andersson. Before the first period was over, Andersson had scolded Czech head coach Alois Hadamczik twice for the soccer-style diving and on-ice writhing around the Czechs players displayed.
Olesz, of course, had good reason to lay on the ice. He took a nasty hit that probably would have gone unpenalized in North America.
"It's what you've got to do, the style of my game is to be the tough guy that guys hate to play against, so you have to punish them when they come to our zone," Phaneuf said. "When a guy drops his head and comes into the middle, I step up and take the opportunity to finish my check. It's unfortunate he got hurt on the play, but that's hockey."
It's precisely the kind of hockey Canada has played from the opening puck drop of this tournament and so far, they haven't met an opponent prepared to compete with them on their terms, which didn't surprise Phaneuf."I don't know if (the Czechs) were (afraid), but it seemed like after the first period, it wore on them," Phaneuf said. "Like any team, if you go out and play a physical style, like our Canadian game, it will wear on guys."Ryan Getzlaf, who, along with Mike Richards and defenceman Braydon Coburn also scored for Canada, said the Canadians had to make sure the Czech posturing didn't get on their nerves.
"It gets under your skin a little bit," Getzlaf said of the diving and appeals to the referee. "You don't see much of that in Canada.
"We've talked a lot about it here, about how the refereeing can take you out of the game if you let it. You just have to stay focused."
Staying focused was a chore again for Canadian goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, who faced just 16 shots, just one in the opening period.
The only Czech goal, a long-range slap shot by Ondrej Nemec during a Czech power play at 19:11 of the first period, looked stoppable.
It halved Canada's lead to 2-1, but didn't make a dent in Canada's confidence or its game plan.

03.01.2004. США - Финляндия 2:1 (1:0, 0:0, 1:1)
1:0 - Вернер (Паризе), 8:31 в меньшинстве
2:0 - Фритцш (Мур, Бут), 54:07 
2:1 - Нурми (Филппула, Леписто) в большинстве
Вратари: Монтойа - Тойвонен.
Броски: 29 - 26. Штраф: 10 - 8.

Сборная США подтверила прогнозы и, обыграв хозяев турнира, впервые с 1997 года вышла в финал чемпионата мира. “Сегодня лучшим у нас на льду был вратарь Эл Монтойя“, - сказал нападающий американцев Зак Паризе. Команда США первой открыла счёт на девятой минуте при игре в меньшинстве Стефан Уернер воспользовался точной передачей Парище. Затем на протяжении почти сорока минут оба голкипера показывала надёжный хоккей, пока Дэн Фритцше не забросил как оказалось победную шайбу. Финны отыграли один гол за 59 секунд до финальной сирены при игре в большинстве.

Ottawa Citizen: Team USA will be looking for a sizeable chunk of old- fashioned payback tomorrow when they play Canada in the gold-medal final of the World Junior Hockey Championship.
The Americans, the pre-tournament favourites, lived up to their advance billing all tournament long, running their won-lost record to 5-0 by edging the gritty Finns 2-1 in the second of two semifinals yesterday.
"Ever since we lost to them last year, that's the game we've been looking for, looking for a rematch, looking for a little revenge," said Zach Parise, the tournament's leading scorer with 11 points. "We're going to be ready for it."
Canada beat the U.S. in the tournament semifinal in 2003 before losing to Russia in the gold-medal game. But the Finns eliminated Russia in quarterfinal play and came close to upending the Americans, as well.
Team USA took a 1-0 lead on Steve Werner's goal at 8:31 of the first period and seemed to have settled things when Dan Fritsche made it 2-0 at 4:07 of the third.
But Teemu Nurmi beat U.S. goalie Al Montoya at 19:01 of the third period with their goalie pulled for an sixth attacker before running out of time.
"I think that's one of the hardest games I've played," said Parise, double-shifted in this game and admittedly ready for a nap at game's end. "They compete so hard, they go all the way until the 60 minutes is done and we're all relieved right now."
The Americans will be the toughest opponent Canada has faced in this tournament and head coach Mario Durocher didn't hesitate to suggest the U.S., led by eight returning veterans, including Parise, remains the team to beat. It's an all-North American final, but Durocher said Team USA puts a bit of a European spin on its style.

Первая страничка молодежных чемпионатов мира 2004 года
Подгруппа А - подробнее
Россия, Словакия, США, Швеция. Австрия
Подгруппа В - подробнее
Канада, Финляндия, Чехия, Швейцария, Украина
За 7-10 места - подробнее
Швейцария, Швеция, Австрия, Украина
1/4 финала - подробнее
Финляндия - Россия
Словакия - Чехия
1/2 финала - подробнее
Канада - Чехия
США - Финляндия
Финал - подробнее
За 5 место. Россия - Словакия
За 3 место. Финляндия - Чехия
За 1 место. Канада - США
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Молодежные чемпионаты мира (до 20 лет) 2004 года.