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Not like Gretzky, Lemieux. He is simply Ovechkin
02.01.2003. Cole, Cam. National Post

 Rising Russian star (Toronto edition headline.); Russian junior star sets sights on NHL: Alexander Ovechkin: Can't-miss prospect not eligible for draft until 2004 (All but Toronto edition headline.)

HALIFAX - It is not necessary to know a lot of English words to do what Alexander Ovechkin does.

"Mario Lemieux," he can say. "Owen Nolan." Also "Nicklas Lidstrom." His favourite NHL players.

And "San Jose Sharks," the first NHL logo he saw on TV when league games began to be televised in Russia, and therefore his favourite team.

His first Russian hockey hero?

"Alexander Maltsev."

Why? He shrugs.

For purposes of the IIHF world junior hockey championship, the 17- year-old Russian star -- already pegged to be the No. 1 pick in the 2004 NHL entry draft -- is doing his talking on the ice, with a pair of hat tricks in his first four games, while leading Russia to a perfect 4-0 mark in Pool A, mirroring Canada's sweep of its games in Pool B.

Yesterday was travel day for the A Pool teams, who have played all their round-robin games in Sydney, N.S., but the Russian Federation made Ovechkin available to the media, and the tall, dark- haired teenager seemed quite comfortable in the spotlight.

Already established as a pro with Moscow Dynamo of the Russian league, and with a mother, Tatiana, who won gold medals as a basketball player with the Soviet team in both the '76 Montreal and '80 Moscow Olympics, Ovechkin has been around stardom enough by now to be ready for what's ahead.

"We watched Canada's games on TV when we were in Sydney," Ovechkin said through an interpreter. "They are a very good team with a lot of enthusiasm when they go on the ice.

"But I think if we make the final, we can handle them, too. We'll see who is the better team."

Scouts are pretty much unanimous on Ovechkin's prospects. He can't miss.

Introduced to the Dynamo club by his older brother, Sergei, who died two years ago in circumstances Ovechkin declined to talk about yesterday, the 6-foot-1, 187-pound left winger is not only a sniper, but a big, physical player who is not afraid of contact.

"He will dominate the tournament," Philadelphia Flyers scout Inge Hammarstrom predicted, before it began.

"I cannot compare him with anyone I have seen earlier," said Alexei Panfilov, the sports director of Moscow Dynamo. "He is not like Maltsev, not like Lemieux, not like Gretzky. He is ... Ovechkin.

"And he is already a great role model. He is a good son, a good brother and a good neighbour. He doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke, he is good in school, and he lives hockey."

"It is my life," Ovechkin said yesterday. "It is the air that I breathe."

Among the other English words he knows are "Don Meehan," so in 18 months or so, the Toronto-based agent is going to make Ovechkin a very wealthy young man.

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